Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Botswana Telecommunication Corporation has relocated its service centre from KB mall to Railparl Mall as part of its strategy to better serve and enhance its customer’ experience.
Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki says with the passing of Masire, the African continent has lost a humble giant whose exemplary life has made all of us proudly African.
Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Tributes have continued to pour in for the late former President Sir Ketumile Masire.

BOPEU back in court in a case against BOFEPUSU

Thursday, 20 April, 2017 - 09:15

Justice Monametsi Gaongalelwe is expected to hear the appeal by BOPEU for a stay in a case against BOFEPUSU after dismissing an application to have himself recused from the case by BOFEPUSU.

Before dismissing the case at the court of appeal yesterday, Justice Gaongalelwe heads an application by Advocate Duma Boko who is representing BOFEPUSU to have Gaongalelwe recuse himself from the case following a judgment by Justice Tafa last month regarding the constitutionality of the appointment of members of the court of appeal.

When responding to why he cannot recuse himself, Justice Gaongalelwe said that the judgment by Tafa was not specifically directed to certain members of the court of appeal and as thus he was highly able to proceed with the case.

Gaongalelwe further added that the just-ended session of parliament has since dealt with certain legalities through the amendment of the court of appeal bill.

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