Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
Music lovers, fans and friends of the late hip hop artist Vincent Tiro, better known as Steez, are due to descend upon civic centre in Gaborone, to remember the late rapper.
Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
The Gantsi community is calling for the Gantsi Agricultural show financial report to be audited, following allegations of mismanagement of funds.
Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
Defense Justice and Security Minister, Shaw Kgathi says he intends to table a bill to amend the penal code in the July parliamentary session.

Cheaper food stuff is geared towards healthy lifestyles for Batswana

The move by government to have some food stuff exempted from tax is not only commendable but a great development that will not only see individuals saving money but will contribute to a healthier nation.

Parliament recently approved amendments to certain provisions of the Value Added Tax, VAT Act that will see amendments that include the zero rating of certain basic foodstuffs and revision of the VAT registration threshold from P500, 000 to P1, 000, 000.

Looking at the food stuff, a health conscious mind will see that someone at the top has not forgotten our vision 2016 pillars, of being a Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation.
The list includes Brown bread, Fresh vegetables, Fresh fruits, Rice, Samp, Milk and Bread flour.

The amendments have since been passed into law and published as Supplement A to the Botswana Government Gazette dated January 23rd last week.

The amendments also include the revision of the VAT registration threshold from P500, 000 to P1, 000, 000.

One can say this is the beginning of good things to come since the year is just beginning for the rest of us.

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