Friday, 26 May 2017
The Transport and Communications Ministry has dismissed as false, reports that both bus and taxi fares will be increased by Monday this coming week.
Friday, 26 May 2017
The police have dismissed as a hoax, a message circulation online claiming that four gunmen are on a spree to commit a series of offences including killing, rapes and robbery.
Friday, 26 May 2017
Police investigations into a case in which packages of pregnancy termination tablets went missing at Athlone hospital a fortnight ago have not born any fruits yet.

Events Calendar

Radio Day 2015

World Radio Day 2015 to be held at Francistown

2014 General Elections

Batswana goes to the polls for the 2014 Botswana General Elections to elect councillors, members of parliament and the president of the country. Standing for elections are three parties Botswana Democratic Party, Botswana Congress Party, Umbrella for Democratic Change and a host of Independent Candidates.


For the full elections results please click here


Gabz-FM Purple Nights

The launch of the Gabz-FM Purple Night. This a black tie event and is strictly by invite
Date: 23rd August 2014
Venue: Sky Lounge CBD

Gabz-FM Skydive For Charity

Who? Gabz-FM Reservations for Two
When? Friday 25th July 2014 @ 12pm
What? Skydive for Charity
Where? Gaborone Golf Club
Why? To raise funds for ‘Prevention of Blindness’

Gabz-FM Reservations for Two team, Joe Musey, Lucia Molebatsi and Loretta Mekgwe will be doing a Tandem Skydive on the 25th July 2014 at Gaborone Golf Club to raise funds for ‘Prevention of Blindness’ to benefit Mochudi Resource Centre for the blind in Mochudi.

On August 15-17 the team did other #SkydiveForCharity jump at the Makgadikgaid Epic.

Gabz-FM Parliamentary Candidate Debate: Francistown South

Gabz-FM Parliamentary Candidate Debate for Francistown South 

Constituency: Francistown South

Location: Francistown

Venue: Chedu Choga

Gabz-FM Parliamentary Candidate Debate: Francistown East

Gabz-FM Parliamentary Candidate Debate for Francistown East 

Constituency: Francistown East

Location: Francistown

Venue: Civic Center

Time: 6pm-8pm

Gabz-FM Presidential Debate 2014

The Gabz-FM presidential debate 2014 featuring all presidential candidates for the Botswana 2014 national elections. This will bring to an end the Gabz-FM debates that started on the 30th June with the parliamentary candidate debates.

Location: Gaborone

Venue: Westwood Internationa School: Mantlwaneng Hall 

Time: 6pm-8pm

Round 1 Date: 20th October

Round 2 Date: 22nd October


Gabz-FM 2014 parliamentary candidate debates across all 57 constituencies broadcast live on Gabz-FM from 6pm-8pm. Follow us on Twitter (@GabzFmElections) and like our Facebook page (GabzFM Elections 2014) and follow and use the hash tag #GabzFmElections2014 on all social media.


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Lobatse International Beef Fest is the annual beef festival hosted in the town of Lobatse which is the home of beef in Botswana.
To celebrate and promote business relationships as well as strengthen community spirit and create a vibe thru the celebration of Botswana Beef!