Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
Music lovers, fans and friends of the late hip hop artist Vincent Tiro, better known as Steez, are due to descend upon civic centre in Gaborone, to remember the late rapper.
Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
The Gantsi community is calling for the Gantsi Agricultural show financial report to be audited, following allegations of mismanagement of funds.
Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
Defense Justice and Security Minister, Shaw Kgathi says he intends to table a bill to amend the penal code in the July parliamentary session.

world cup fever hits Botswana

Football's showpiece begins today in Brazil as the World awaits as a nation that nurtured and developed the fine art of our game attempts to stage a tournament to remember. Fans of the game will this afternoon be glued to the screens as the world cup begins.

Locally it seems to be quiet but one could notice long queues this week as those wishing to subscribe to the sport channels were seen at the mall.

Various venues have arranged for viewing of the kick off for those who can't do it alone. For the lucky few, the US Embassy in Botswana, yesterday premiered a feature film produced to use soccer as a language to engage young audiences who are vulnerable to HIV infection, at the Masa Centre New Capitol Cinema in Gaborone.

However, even with subscriptions paid up and Philibaos tuned up, most houses could be in the dark from this evening as load shedding is likely to return from tonight.

Our power Utility, Botswana Power Corporation says although the 3 units at Morupule B Power Plant are completed, the South African power utility, Eskom, which also supplies Botswana with some power, is under strain.

Even with the world cup outside Africa, we still face the same challenges we face in 2010, black out and water shortages.

Lets hope we all manage to watch this global events along with billions of other viewers.

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